National Psychology Review

The Bias Virus

By R.A. Roth

August 12, 2020

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Bias: To influence in a particular, typically unfair direction, an unfair act or policy stemming from prejudice.


Biases have probably been part of the human condition since the earliest Homo sapiens appeared in the evolutionary scale of development. Biases are typically formed through environmental conditions starting with parental interactions, then as one matures using perceived observations of the life around them. How one comprehends what is observed and learned ultimately is a major factor in the biases that will probably dominate the rest of a person’s life.


Given some thought, the effects of biases are very similar to a virus, and sadly not one that is easily if ever cured. We are all in some form or another infected with various levels of biases covering a wide variety of subjects and opinions. Yes, it is true that a bias can be based on fact that is provable, which does validate the bias. Typically, a bias is based solely on opinion and nothing more, and that bias will be defended and be a motivating force just as if it was based on verifiable fact.


If one examines biases as if it were a virus what part of the human psyche does it infect? It attacks the ego, the division of the psyche that is conscious, that most immediately controls thought and behavior, and most in touch with external reality. The ego can also represent an exaggerated sense of self-importance and conceit, pride in oneself, one’s self-esteem. Biases that are formulated on opinions and prejudices, and then supported by the now infected ego that can now be destructive force both internal and external, which can greatly affect those around us.


We all have an ego; it is the motivator, our self confidence, our persona that is the true power broker of our being, the role that one assumes or displays in public or society; one's public image or personality, as distinguished from the inner self. But, beware the ego is the worst confidence trickster we could ever imagine, because you don’t see it. The single biggest con is the ego that can make you think “I am you.” The problem is the ego hides in the last place you would ever look, within it self. It disguises it’s thoughts as your thoughts, its feeling as your feelings, you think it is you.


People’s needs to protect their own ego knows no bounds, they will lie, cheat, steal, kill, do what ever it takes to maintain what is called ego boundaries. People have no clue that they are in prison, they don’t know there is an ego; they don’t know the distinction.


At first it is difficult for the mind to accept there is something beyond itself, there is something of greater value and greater capacity for asserting truth than itself. The ego can create an imaginary external enemy, which then becomes a real enemy within us and a real danger. There is no such thing as an external enemy no matter what that voice in your head is telling you. All perception of this enemy is a projection of your ego active within you. Your greatest enemy is your own inner perceptions, your own ignorance; your own ego.


Once a bias is formulated it then resides in the ego. The ego will protect at any cost that newly embraced opinion whether correct factually or not. It will defend with any sacrifice; manufacturing false narratives to shield and guard it.


Biases and the ego go hand in hand, and once the bias has firmly infiltrated the ego the ego will then protect the bias, filtering all input to insure compliance to what now has become a belief. A conviction so powerful that nothing can penetrate or modify that biased opinion. Any information offered, regardless of validity, anything contrary to that protected opinion will be opposed with such vigor and confidence and done despite the factuality of that input. The ego will defend this bias to the point of personal embarrassment. Meanwhile the ego cloaks any humiliation to the external persona.


If only biases could be treated like a virus; inoculated against to insure that the ego stays healthy and free of prejudices, hypocrisies, bigotry and intolerance … But, it can’t. It is not an infection that is caught overnight, but one that is built upon from our earliest years of growth and development.


However, the elitists in our society have understood that a belief system can be simply engineered, particularly at certain ages within the maturing process. As the art, or science if you will, of marketing is used as a powerful tool to model the needs and beliefs developed it then became a tool of your educators. As universities , starting in the sixties , became more populated with socialistic minded teachers and professors who are more focused on social engineering than educating the fresh open mind of the student which is so ripe to accept the opinions and biases of those seemly so knowledgeable and in control.


Those graduated students have now found their way to the media, politics and positions holding the bully pulpit of public opinion. Their biased egos are now in control, filtering every word, every action offered to the uninformed “ignorant” public. This biased virus will change this country and not for the better. Do they know what they are doing? No, of course not! Their ego is at work convincing them that they know better; they are superior to the rest. They feed on each others egos each supporting their biased agendas, their narratives of what should be.


They are dangerous! Because their egos tell them they are right, they have permission to achieve their ends by any means. An ego with such an exaggerated sense of self- importance and conceit that it permits them to manipulate , lie, cheat, steal and worse if necessary, all done to substantiate and validate their formulated ideologies.


Beware of not just their biases, but yours too!