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The Age of Ignorance


By R.A. Roth

December 15, 2020

Interactive Media Systems


We all are ignorant of some subject or issue, which is understandably a given. We are not all biophysicists or advanced mathematicians, that makes us ignorant of those sciences. It would not be reasonable to assume that any one human being could be fully knowledgeable of all things.


However within the past few years we have become susceptible to a programmed ignorance of current news events through an inundation of biased information. Never before has there been such biased control exhibited to the general population by the news media.


Parsing, rejection or complete censorship of real news content has now become acceptable to many; and why? Simple, because it feeds the uninformed needs of those who rebuff anything that is contrary to their emotionally formulated ideology of what they want to believe. The arrogance of ignorance!


What now is acceptable in today’s world is a cancel culture mentality by those who want to be in control because they somehow know everything about everything, meanwhile formulating what life should be for the rest of us. What is interesting is their concept of what things should be does not necessarily include their abiding to those same rules and regulations. If you don’t know this you are ignorant of current facts and reality. Please be aware of the contemporary progressive level of hypocrisy that is now part of our political landscape, and meanwhile being fully shielded by the news media. This keeps many happy in their cocooned ignorance by supporting their ideological beliefs.


There are currently major issues taking place that are, for many in this country, now first coming to light that should have been made available to the public months ago, but you had to be kept ignorant of that information for solely political leverage, and not what is good for this country. So, often we hear the so called journalist or reporter use the term “unsubstantiated” in trying to minimize or debunk information contrary to what they want to hear. Maybe I misunderstand what journalists or reporters are supposed to do, but I always thought it was their job to investigate to find the truth, and not to pick and choose what to scrutinize based solely on what they want to believe or support.


Whenever you have news media outlets purposely ignore legitimate news and information you are being kept ignorant. Why? So they can socially engineer your thoughts by legitimizing their opinionated narrative and support their ideological beliefs, but certainly not to report reality or facts. You are being spoon feed ignorance! Permitting that to happen just makes you an ignorant fool. What is more important to you, the truth or your emotional beliefs?


The arrogance of ignorance!