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Johnathan Granger

National Policy Review

To say we live in tumultuous times would be a gross understatement. For almost six years the country has been under attack from within our very political structure of government, and fully supported by the extremely biased media journalism. Many of the people in this country, because of their ideological political affiliation, are being easily manipulated through the use of false and misleading accusations and information. This tactic is proving to be quite effective, and sadly rather destructive to the very fabric of our country, and to individual freedoms that this country was founded upon.


Through the use of accusations of racism within the very institutions that teach our children and the very organizations to protect us, coupled with a burgeoning politically correct woke culture coming to the forefront that is initiated within our Universities we find a growing divide in America.


The complete and whole history of any country is critical for its future and civilized development. Mistakes that have been made must be studied and analyzed to insure they are not revisited. To permit a “cancel culture” woke mentality to think that the altering of history is an intelligent decision is so contrary to any level of common sense it borders on some type of mental disorder.


We as a country should be striving to unite all the people and not segregating them based on race, religion or political affiliation. Division and polarization will never unite the country. Sadly, the current atmosphere which seems dedicated to dividing and separating us must stop! This country is obliged to the endeavor of embracing and nurturing all the people and not fanning the flames of segregation and hatred.


National Policy Review will be dedicated to highlighting and exposing these political attempts to take full societal control of this country, and attempts to change the very culture of what made the United States of America the beacon of freedom and individual rights.


Please care more about America than a elitist politician’s propaganda used for nothing more than to be in control.