Interactive Media Systems
Our hope is to challenge and persuade our readers to examine their own behavior and opinions, and to somehow identify and overcome the personal biases within themselves; seeking what is true fact, and be able to recognize biased opinion that is merely masquerading as fact.
Our goal will be to focus on glaring examples of the medias attempt to distort and to misinform, either through lies of omission, or the manipulation of facts through “out of context” reporting.
We do not provide an open published forum for our readers thoughts, but we do welcome your feedback.
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This publication does not support nor endorse any political party. We are not affiliated, nor aligned with any organization, group, news agency or individual opinion that promotes an agenda through the manipulation of fact or by use of propaganda. However, the intent is to point out that a great number of people in this country along with others, have formulated and/or helped in promoting false and misleading statements, with the primary goal of representing them as the truth.