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Social Engineering?

We live in world controlled by those in command of the media; by those who are convinced they know better then you; their right or wrong is now your ideology. It has been a slow erosion of your ability to be free with your thoughts, ideas and beliefs. A level of social engineering that has gone unnoticed and unchecked because they are now feeding upon your weakness. A disadvantaged intellect developed through a bombardment of biased information along with a lack of true facts and the reality of human existence. You are a prisoner of the media. And, once captive you become addicted to their beliefs, ultimately rejecting anything contrary to their narrative.


The media includes everything from printed news to comedy talk shows, from network and cable news to self serving televised awards shows. Virtually everything you know today has come from the media! Think of it what do you know of the political landscape if it were not for the media. Do you find yourself rejecting anything that goes outside of your belief system, or ideology?


It starts in the universities where you are robbed of your independents of thought and beliefs, your very identity; manipulated by those who although may believe in their theories, but live in a cloistered environment sheltering their concepts of life and the real world. They are the true elitists that have infiltrated our society with their hypothesis of existence. The open minds that entered the halls of higher learning leave with a closed “cancel culture” mentality, fully baked into a specific ideology with little opportunity to escape. Off they go into the world fully convinced they are now equipped to change it to their newly learned beliefs and affirmed ideologies. Most importantly they are determined to silence any opposing view, their egos will not permit any variance to their beliefs, any tactic, lie, manipulation is permitted; for them it is all for the better good… Their own good!


Interactive Media System is dedicated to exposing those who are so narcisstically self involved and yet in positions to infiltrate the information in whatever form that is provided to the public. A free and open society cannot survive when just one ideology is in permitted. No civilization can exist under the rule of a governing body that controls the news outlets and ultimately the minds of its citizens.


Join us in a common sense pragmatic approach to demand the dissemination of information from what should be an honest non-biased news media from true jouralists, and not the ideological propaganda arm of a packed “deep state” government protected by the political elite.


We welcome and hope you take the opportunity to read what we hope will be a growing publication of editorials and factual news articles that expose the bias and attempts at the social engineering that is currently part of our mainstream media outlets.


Interactive Media System welcomes your articles through submission via All submitted articles will be fact check prior to posting, opinion pieces must be so identified and be free of any hate inspired narratives. Names will only be published with the writers stated permission.